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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Original Outfits on My Outing

Oh I missed you!  I snapped tons of photos while I was away at The Happiest Place on Earth! 

This is me laying down on the bench *notice the hedge*.  Jeffrey likes to go from opening to closing.  Literally no sleep till Brooklyn here my gorgeous friends. Notice how I am using gorgeous so loosely.  Yes, I am feeling pretty full of myself after getting my forehand and backhand mo betta today at my tennis lesson. Oh how I digress.  Back to corn dogs and fast passes.

OVER did the churros.  He didn't even know that I zoomed in on him. Hee hee. You know you want to know me.  What is he thinking?

The window displays are really one of my favorites.  The horse is totally thinking "Hey, how do I get away from the psycho blue thing with a wand!".

Anti-establishment head gear.  Waiting in line for teacup ride.  Once again I totally zoomed up from a distance. He has no idea that he is on some crazy girl's blog right now.

Baloo is my favorite character.  I used to listen to "The Bare Necessities" from the Jungle Book on my turn table when I was Lily's age, OVER and OVER and OVER.  I would always get bitter about Baloo singing to Mowgli and not me.  Damn you Mowgli.

These babies were pretty much everywhere. 

OH my.

Most inspiring fashion statement.  Check out his ORANGE loafers!!!  She is OVER THE TOP!  I love everything she is wearing here.  The knee highs, red bag and dark delph blue tunic!  Made me want to go platinum with my hair but alas, I cannot do that.  That would be OBVIOUSLY wrong.  I used to be blonde. It is tremendous upkeep and expensive.  I would rather spend money on shoes.  O-SNAP!

Tinkerbell with Lily and Eva.  We decided to go to Fairyland first thing after breakfast so we could catch Tinkerbell in a chipper mood.  She rocks green.  Later that night she flew along side the fireworks.  Really fun time!

This guy was working the Space Mountain rocket ship seating before take off post.  He loves his job.  He liked ushering people into the rockets like airplane crew usher in a plane on the tarmac. I know you had to be there but this guy was hilarious!

Best dressed while waiting for Space Mountain ride.  The wait was only 45 minutes.  We counted the number of people with turquoise shirts and tatoos to help pass the time.

We still didn't have enough Space Mountain so we returned first thing in the morning. This German guy was talking on his cell phone like he was going to work but he was ahead of us for Space Mountain.  I like his gray plaid trousers.  I know he has no butt what so ever but the guy knows how to dress. Ay?  It is very peculiar to get on a roller coaster right after having an omelet and waffles.

OYE VAY, this thing is really stuck in here!

OMG how cute is this list of cheeses on Minnie Mouse's frigerater!

Can anyone tell me what Welch Rarebit is?

OH crap it's late.  I seriously have missed you all.  I hope we all have a safe, fun and OUTSTANDING summer!   You want ONE more don't you!  I can sense these things.  OK. OK. OK.  I will put some tooth picks to hold my eyelids open.

It is a state law in California to hold your hands up while riding a roller coaster.  Night.


Cindy White said...

Very cute - you guys must have had a great time!

Sam Harvey said...

I already miss seeing all the people. I rarely saw the same person twice. Great fun it was. Thanks for leaving a comment. Love you Cindy!

fromthelaundryroom said...

The girl with the shorts...Really? I am such a fashion loser because I saw those socks and thought "Oh, No!" The wings and the Krispy Kream hat Rock!! Plaid pants, butt or no butt...not so much! Fabulous pictures and once again, brilliant eye and commentary. Love you...Have a Great Weekend!

Devon said...

i felt like i went on vacation with you! thanks for the trip!

now i've got The Bare Necessities stuck in my head! hahahaha!

Sie/SJC (No Stranger to Different) said...

Haha I've just come across your blog, and I have to say I love all of your quips and photo snipes. Great work! (and fairy dude ftw!)

thegirlhassparke said...

Oh it looks like you had a really fun time. I love the jungle book too. I love that you took snaps of peoples outfits hehe.

Emilie said...

Great pics!
Looks like you had fun!

jozen said...

great photos. my girls keep begging to go to disneyland!

your newest follower

Stacy said...

love it, so perfect