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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jotting in My Journal About a Jeep


These dudes took this Jeep literally around the world in 1975.  The book is a sleeper but the photos and the idea is so cool.  Sometimes I could see just stopping everything and borrowing this Jeep and going around the world too.  Dig their bells! Ding Dong!


This is what I am wearing as my Mom meets up with me in Japan and we go have some sushi.  Even though I really hate sushi.  Ok, I just order the tempura.


This is what I'm wearing when I encounter road bandits in Turkey to find mysterious ruins of Nemrut Dagi.


I am journaling my third ocean crossing - Madras to Penang.  Combat boots make me press hard on the gas. Kicks up the mud!  Good thing I have these big military pockets to keep my Pop Tarts in.


Yes, compadres, this is a word.  I had trepidation so I zipped up this yummy charcoal gray fitted coaty.  The hemp caught on fire on board the ship and threatened the jeep.   I put out the fire with my gray boots and saved the day you see.


Around the World in a Jeep, Will Parish & Perk Perkins
Junya Watanabe, Fall 2010, Ready to Wear,


Nen said...

It was fun taking that journey with you! :) (Don't believe I'd ever make that last JUMP! yikes)

In-tree-gue said...

Junya is so magical