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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Knock Out Kingmaker

I just got back from my first tennis lesson with Mrs. Amanda Schell.  This woman eats, breathes and even dreams in tennis.  Her cat's name is Ace. 

I was so angry with my game last week.  I knew I had to do something.  I want to be better.  I have been playing steadily since last June and I knew if I didn't do something I would stay in a rut.  I have to keep up with my KNOWING that inside there is a KNOCK OUT tennis Lara.

After an hour and a half I realized I have been knee deep in lame techniques.   The biggest improvement was my backhand position.  Before today, it was like I was practically looking the opposite direction when the ball was coming and trying to channel the Williams sisters to save myself.

That would be Mrs. Schell.  I have been watching her for a couple years now.  She has an awesome tennis family really.  Nico her son taught Jeffrey and I last summer.  I played one of Mrs. Schell's students about 6 months ago and was annihilated.  This little 13 year old came out of nowhere with these KILL shots.  It was not fun.  It's time to just get better!  I WILL NOT BE A MEDIOCRE TENNIS PLAYER!

I could totally eat that right now.

Three things she taught me. 1. Find it   2. Feel it  3. Finish it
I am over the moon!  I can't wait for her to bring the ball machine!  I am going to be like a cheetah stalking it's prey!  Then POW!

This is what I did today... In the video above.  Schell told me to throw out everything I have learned up until now and start over.  Notice how Oscar doesn't bring the racket way the hell back.  The whole motion is supposed to be like a whip.  Gawd, I want to go back out to the courts and practice some mo!

Venus Williams, Australian Open.  MTM Tennis Technique with Oscar Wegner


Silvia Couture said...

I love playing tennis..even though It's not my strongest sport. I feel like I'm getting a total workout!

Nataliexxx said...

Nice blog

Anonymous said...

A Cheetah, huh? Just make sure the tennis skirt is not an animal print. Ha! i just cracked myself up! Go smack that ball!