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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

North Is Always Up


This is NICOLET who works at Smeeks and I am totally just bullshitting you but hey these pictures together and I love when that happens.  Feel the power.

Today I had a consultation for determining Colortimes for 5 women at the office of Joy Cervantes CPA, P.C. in Scottsdale, Arizona. Think of a Siamese cat with cool gray fur and cool blue eyes.   A Cocker Spaniel with copper fur and warm toesty eyes.  You see where I am going with this?  In the beginning I analyze hair, eyes and skin color. The light in the conference room was fluourenscent so we went outside in the shade so I could accurately see their eye color.  I helped determine which Colortime by holding cool, warm, and hot colors up to their faces to see what looked the best.  I had everybody pair up once we had a rough idea of the Colortime and then documented color response.  Looked something like this.

In a NUTSHELL, this is what I did today.  I gave out these NEW and useful color fanguides called More Alive With Color by Leatrice Eiseman and I taught these lovely ladies how to take this to the streets and buy clothes that look great.  I am not talking about Ok and great. I am talking about colors that reach a harmonic level, like chanting Aum and floating around you feel so great.

Trying to explain the Colortimes is like asking me to tell you everything I know.  I will stop this NONSENSE NOW.  Hey you, I NEVER had the chance to tell you that I like to NOSH on NOUGAT as I NONCHALANTLY gaze NEAR the bust of Queen NEREFITI in the NEUES Museum.  Ahhh NOODLES taste so good when NEGOCIATING NOSTALGIC NANUKE jackets.  NO, stop it you say. NEVER~. 


I was actually standing on the 51 freeway to snap this one for you.  North should always be up when you are creating an architectural floor plan.  If you ever want to impress an architect friend of yours just say North is up.  This will instantly turn them on.  Some guy put his North arrow pointing down on his floor plan back in architecture school and the professor ripped him a new one in front of everyone.  There is no rotating plans. Yah see?
We have a mutual love for one another.


This is so old school, check out the plastic wrap on this album.  This was mixed with the Indoor Play For A Rainy Day, Woody Guthrie, Mr. Roger's and other oldie albums.  These albums are Jeffrey's personal collection from when he was a boy.  Yes, of course Brian, yeah, I know they are probably all yours.  I know he will correct me on this.  I bought Jeffrey a USB turntable/vinyl archiver for his birthday. Seriously, if you have an album that you want archived send it to us and we will burn it to a disk for you.  I love the crunchy sounds of the dust in the cracks of the vinyl.  VINYL!


Eva and I made hats from New York Times NEWSPAPER.  Great way to use N!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you gave great tips to these women.

Please enter my A.Jaron earring giveaway this week. xo Mish

pip a la chic said...

Hey Lara I tagged you in my blog.