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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Modern Love Gets Me To The Church On Time

ME  MODELING on a MOUNTAIN wearing a chocolate MOUSSE colored dress that I MADE MYSELF.

Mervyn's never looked so good.

Hue socks, knit dress made by me, fur thing is a zipper trim taken from my Eddie Bauer jacket hood and Donald Pliner wedges from about 100 years ago.  It is great how my socks match the blue M.  MARVELOUS!

Kind of smurfy huh? I wear this headband when I brush my teeth. Headband is making it's debut in the real world. I never wear headbands in public.

MISHA at MOOD sent me this canvas bag with my tweed and silk lining for my jacket I will be making.  I have a little piece of Los Angeles right here!

MISHA picked this lining out and surprised me.  I just said don't even bother sending the other samples.  I love this as my inner lining for the jacket.  The white tweed is on the left. Very Chanel huh!

Remember this jacket inspiration by Louis Vouitton?  I am going to make this now! I cannot wait to have this!  Should I still add the MILITARY pockets on the outside?  Will the pockets look cool in say 5 years?

We just had a MEETING about submitting a proposal to do a Park and Ride for the Town of Buckeye. Let me show you what that could be like...

I hope we get the chance to design one of these. The project would have shade canopies and a security building.  I love the idea of working with the City of Buckeye.  I could see using imagery like grain silos with metal siding and some John Deer green colored metal awnings.  Don't give my competitors this blog address. K?

1920's MODERN

My book came in today!  The one about sweet kitchens. Well there is a lot of great inspiration in it! Where to start is the question. The author of this sweet book is Thomas O'Brien and it is called American Modern.  His trademark is long islands that you can sit at so your dinners are always late.   He likes to add one large light fixture.  I love this kitchen.  I am glad I ordered this book.  


Which island looks better to you?  I love the white MARBLE counter tops. MY next kitchen will have MARBLE everywhere.

Photo credits, Eva Serbin age 9.

Photo credits to Lily Serbin age 6.

Modern Love walks beside me.
Modern Love walks on by.
Modern Love gets me to the Church on Time

David Bowie lyrics to Modern Love


Sarah said...

thanks for your comment! That is such an interseting to put it "seeing what I want to see" its incredible to think someone could take the same article and make a completely new poem out of it!

Unknown said...

Church on on on time...that's me, westie, your back up singer!!!! That fabric from Mood...ohhhhh, so excited. And yes to the pockets on the jacket...just tack them on...feature NOT function styles, then you can cut 'em off when you get bored!

pip a la chic said...

Love the dress you made! And yes to the pockets on the jacket looks very cool... like you :)

Sam Harvey said...

i love you guys! so great to hear from sara, fashion westie and pip a la chic. i feel so complete just before going to bed. i will add the big ass pockets then. xoxo

Anonymous said...

tweed! <3
love all those kitchens as well!

Devon said...

thanks for the encouragement on my blog... i have calmed down over the past few hours!

you could make anything look good in 5 yrs! i say go for the pockets!!! it'd be MAGNIFICENT!

trishie said...

The dress is fantastic! Can't believe you made it yourself, you're so talented...

Anonymous said...

These socks rock and I wish my kitchen looked that B-E-A utiful!! I love this blog. You are just...what's the word? Zaney!

Micaela said...

you are SOOOO TALENTED! such a crafting goddess! i can not wait to see the end product of your jacket. Yes on the pockets!

I LOVE the blue socks with that gorgeous dress you made as well. You really are beautiful. as are your babies

David Bowie- yes!
i love the 1920's model best

ps. have you started on "an italian affair?"
what do you think!!!? x