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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yielding Yarns About Yardage

Some expensive silk YARNS I bought in Laguna Beach from Strands and Stitches.  I don't really know what I am going to do with them. I make this up as I go.  The marine green fabric is the pocket fabric for my jacket.

You remember the one, right?

I am teaching myself each step of the way.  Chanel would only use tweed and silk lining.  Boucle, which I am using is really soft and likes to move about. To give it body it needs stability.  I quilted the silk lining to the boucle with veritcal stitches all 1" apart.  The amazing thing is that you cannot detect the quilted stitches on the finished side.  Most couture jackets have lots of stiffeners and reinforcing added inside the construction but over time any silk lining tends to slump and sag.  My jacket is beautiful inside and out.  No slumping will happen here! 
Only the boucle is machine sewn together.  The silk lining is hand sewn to the boucle seam.  This task took me about 3 weeks to do.  Hand stitching each seam together was like dancing with Yule Brenner.  At first there was hesitation.  After about the 4th seam I started to waltz through it.  I would start with each stitch, following the Y-COORDINATE,  to the right, the left and down to the center. I like how the seams became tighter and cleaner with each try.  After finishing a seam, I would want to do it again and again.

4 seams coming together at the shoulder.

The orange thread is a basting stitch, to hold the silk down in place so I can hand stitch it down. YEAH, the basting is just scaffolding!  The black and while pattern is YING and YANG.  Too bad nobody will see it when I finally wear this jacket.

This was taken before I even started to hand stitch the silk down. See the seam on the right buckle, well it is all smooth and beautiful now.

I made this YESTERDAY, but it needs to be 1" away from the neck line.  Need to take out the YARDSTICK for the next one.  YES, this is the first time I ever made a shoulder pad.  Good thing I have lots of horse hair canvas YARDAGE. 


Nen said...

i can't believe you are making this jacket! i couldn't even imagine a project like this! however, i know you'll pull it off beautifully!!

THANK YOU for the birthday package! woo hoo!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

This is the most amaxing thing ever, it scres me to death with it's detail and beauty. I wish i had half your talents, you awesome thing, you xxx