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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Meditate, Levitate and Navigate with Mom

Thought I would visit the abandoned cow farm before taking off tomorrow.

I am packing to go see Mom in Washington State tomorrow morning.   I am escaping the heat.  We will shop, eat, meditate, levitate and navigate.  Did I tell you that whenever my Mom and I get into a car together we usually pass our destination.  We never stop talking.   This should be really interesting because Mom doesn't know her way around Seattle and Uh, thats where the shopping is you know.    Jeffrey's favorite time for me to shop is when the stores are closed.

We will eat raw veggie healthy food.  We will eat the foods that are creative and weird.  We will pet cats that are named Moo Moo and drink strong tea. Or at least I will.  I want to see the Jimmy Hendricks exhibit at the Music Experience.  I would love to go on the underground Seattle tour too.  Just walking outside will be nice and seeing animals other than bull snakes, quail, desert hares and squirrels that look like hamsters.

Maybe I will sit next to a crotchet expert on the plane ride over and he or she will give me all the insight I need to finish the trim on my jacket posted in Totally Tweed  post.  Honestly, I want to learn how to crotchet so I can do that trim thing.  But now I want to crotchet because I want to make some cool sweaters so I can wear them to see Mom.  I do wish I finished my jacket for this trip but it is only about half done.

Seriously, you think the airline would mind if I just bring my dress form onto the plane so I could finish my shoulder pads.  Could you just see me, "Um I am just forming my shoulder pads here, just set my drink in the aisle love..".

Bing! You are free to move about the cabin!

What I plan on wearing in the friendly skies tomorrow morning.
Robert Clergerie wedges, Elie Tahari seersucker trousers, Floral Belt Danese Creations, Ellen Tracy jacket, Cosabella green tank, Silpada pearl necklaces and most importantly a Sam Harvey bag.

Photos by Eva Serbin and Lara Serbin


Front Row Mode said...



Check out our blog hope you follow it

Vix said...

I so love your way of thinking! People always say that I live in my own little fantasy world but it looks like I now have a companion.
The gloriously colourful outfit is sure going to turn a few heads. Have a wonderful trip xxx

Rebecca said...

Oooh, have a good time! I like the sound of seersucker trousers (:

Devon said...

ahhh.. now i see why you were sitting in the seattle airport reading "catcher in the rye"!

i hope you had a great visit with your mom... and i also hope you post about anything cool that you may've bought at those stores you passed while chit chatting. (i'm sure you found at least ONE store before it closed) :)

Blair McLeod said...

i want a mom trip. so much fun!