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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Give It Up For X

I took this shot looking up at this Frank Lloyd Wright beacon in Scottsdale Arizona.  X marks the spot for Nordstrom Rack, the only thing worth anything in this center. This post is about finding the X factor no matter where you are.  It is nice to have a focus wherever you are you know.  I found some sweet X's last week.


Why do navy stripes looks so good next to the ocean? 

Lots of peeking onto other peoples patios. 

See what is on the other side.  Tennis court looking through X.  I did squeeze in some ball time.

X found in this Edsel. Ummmm let's just say NICE.

X found in Lang Park.  Most of our outings included playgrounds, playgrounds and did I mention some playgrounds.

X can be washed away soon. 

Dino drinking lemonade at Ruby's.  Lucky Dinos.  I bought about a dozen to give to my peeps.  You want one? 

X was across the street from our beach house.  My favorite times were just walking to the ocean.  The steep walk required me to grip my toes to my flip flops with each short step.

X on the cover of one of the books I bought at the California Market Center in LA.  Little side trip remember?

X marks the spot.


X in the drum.  Dino came from here.

If you could design your dream beach house what would it look like?  I want this one.  Well I like the casual layed back thing going on here. I love the idea about not worrying about getting sand everywhere and just letting it be kind of cool like the Haunted House ride is at Disneyland where the more you don't clean it, the better it looks.  But... I want something nicer. Like this.

That mo like it.  I would want it to be tidier.  I am torn.  Maybe I need a place I can just be dirty and wear my Vince striped shirt everyday and not care about cleaning.

Whatever beach house comes my way, I want this squirrel to be a part of it.

Let's give it up for X.

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pip a la chic said...

Love the beach house...this is a great post Lara!