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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Flowers and Purple Haze

"Hey what is that wet stuff on my toe?" That's really what I said out loud as I was taking a photo just a couple of days ago when I was standing on this cool gray sun dappled sidewalk in Edmunds, Washington.  Yes, that is where my Mom lives.  Turns out it was dew.  Wow dew, really?  It was great to be surrounded by islands, ferries, tall evergreens and neat coffee houses.  The minute I was there I wanted to wrap myself in evergreen.  Not a big surprise I know since you and I already know that I needed some army green long sleeve tops to go with my army surplus skirt that I made.  Did I show you that?  Way to go tangents.

That skirt. Will you let me just continue now. Come on now people.  So I found some awesome Micheal Stars army green long sleeve tops that really kick all ass. No I am not going to show you. 

This is the kind of thing you find in Edmunds.  Sweet.  Safe, wooly socks in the winter, shops with floral napkins that you put in your powder room only when guests come over, and a movie theater with only one movie with 2 showings.

Elegant and cozy homes that I want.  The best one I didn't have my camera with me.  The one time! The one time.  THE ONE TIME!  It was mint green and kind of looked like the one above. The sun was setting over the bay, there were tons of pink roses growing along the white picket fence and when I looked inside the house there were huge paintings of roses.  The house had this magical glow to it.  It really did.  Can you tell I have been reading Catcher in the Rye. That book is sick.  But now I have to finish it.  I do like the way Salinger writes.  I can totally imagine Ackley picking a big ol' booger, like really digging to China over it or cutting his crummy toe nails on Holden's desk.

Cute flower boxes as I was walking around.

Flowers all the time.

I literally wanted to drink coffee all day.  One day I drank a macciato or what ever the hell it was and was so wired I couldn't sleep until like 3am or something.  That's when I decided to meditate on Mom's toilet in her bathroom when I couldn't find the light switch and I was too tired to look for a good chair.  Man I went totally deep that time.  It was a... well listen to it already. 

Mom's house is seriously just down and to the right of this street. This is Walnut Cafe coffee house in walking distance.  I totally had dinner too late.  I have like a giant ball of spaghetti and meatball in my stomach. Now what the hell am I going to do?  Nice to be back home.  Night cats.


pip a la chic said...

Ah Lara you make me laugh and smile with your humour and you think I'm funny! Not as funny as you! xxx

Devon said...

wow... looks like quite a pleasant place!

i don't drink caffeine... i have a hard enough time sleeping as it is.. haha!

Vix said...

Nice to have you back, you trippy chick.
That sounds a sweet place and the photos are goregous as always. Thanks for sharing some Jimi with us, always good to have a blast of Purple Haze with my lunchtime cheese roll. xxx

Rebecca said...

Comments are always good :D
And I la-la-laaaave that Hendrix song (: