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Monday, November 15, 2010

Booth 43

Samples of fabrics at my booth 43.  Pray for booth 43. PLEASE!

My booth 43.  I know I could do so much more.  It just keeps getting better.


I am so hyper!  I don't know where to start! So many good things are happening.  First I just bought some authentic empanadas from this panderia in dowtown Avondale.  This little street called Western.   Well Lil had to go pee really bad and I rushed into this bakery.  Instantly, I started speaking Spanish fluently.  Donde esta bano.  IMPRESSIVE!  It smelled yeasty, dusty and slightly sweet like a new donut.  The lynoleum flooring in front of the lady sitting behind the counter was worn to the black. She said she knew no Ingles but then we had a great chat about a tortilla shack that folded.  She had that "are you for real?" look on her face.  All the girls cared about were the 25 cent toy machines by the door.  Anyhow, I have some pinapple empanadas to try after my dinner of tostadas tonight.

I finished my runners for Sanctuary.  Well not the whole assembley.  I finished the sewing of all the rectangles together.  I still have to cut out the trims and the backs for each one.  I learned a thing or two about economy of movement.  I conquered by sewing 2 pieces together, taking another pair sewing them together and so on.  You had to be there.  By lunch time I had fuzz and lint all over my black yoga pants.  My sewing room is a whirl of turquoise lint.  I had to roller tape my whole body.  I feel so awesome.

Ok now I can properly end.  Question... why do I sit on my chair when it is piled with  books and papers.  I know you want to know how the craft show went.  Well I had to wait until I was happier to tell you about it.  It only took a dose of Cadbury 'Chocolate Wars' story audible and the More Money Than God to set me straight.  No sells.  I spoke to about 50 people.  I didn't sit once or eat.  The time flew by.  I attracted groups of people as I described my educational component.  I mean what was I to expect by having only one price item at $85.00?  Who does that? 

I love thinking of the young Hershey experimenting with making his chocolate bar.  Do you realize that he spent countless sleepless nights before coming up with the secret recipe?  He failed so many times before coming up with his brilliant chocolate. Something to do with using sour condensed milk. 

 During the turn of the century, when Hershey was selling his product in Chicago he packed his cart full of sweets and was set to sell in the city.  His whole supply was blown up when two guys stuffed his cart full of dynamite.  He never gave up.  He just came back stronger with each set back.

I want this to work.  So bad! 


Micaela said...

I'M PRAYING NON STOP FOR BOOTH 43 and just KNOW you'll do amazing!!!!! i wish i could go!!!

love love love your work! xo

danielle and dinosaur toes said...

i love hyper posts!

i wish you wouldn't have mentioned empanadas because now i'm hungry! i swear i'm going to stop reading blogs before i eat because someone always talks about food!

thegirlhassparke said...

Dont give up Sam - you have such an amazing product!

heather said...

I love your bags! And your anecdote. You are already a success!!!

Nen said...

sometimes a simple booth set up can be elegant!

sorry that you didn't sell anything... sometimes people don't appreciate the value of something handmade!!! (and some of us can't afford it... which is why i am so thankful for your generosity to me! i L-O-V-E my bag and use it every day!!!) :)

fromthelaundryroom said...

Lara -
You're not just "wanting" you're working and pretty damn hard I might add. You've always been this way - Self Driven, Inventive, Goofy and just Plain Brilliant. You just keep being you and everyone else will eventually catch up! Love you.