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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ready or Not Here I Come!

Finished my 2,000 year long couture jacket project! Did I tell you how I hand stitched the interior lining during a car ride to Laguna Beach last summer!  You could find me stitching on a ferris wheel at the fair.  It fits really well.  I have to say that I felt like a queen yesterday wearing it.  It's first debut was Toys R Us.   I bought a shit load of Chanukah gifts for the kids. It felt really good.  I bought another Barbie for my collection.  After shopping, I wore it to an architecture City of Phoenix meeting too.

I had some boucle left so I am making a skirt to match.  I am so much faster now! I have tons of short cuts.  I am going to make a light turquoise knit top to go with it. For yesterday I just wore a white Michael Stars t-shirt and you guessed it...WOLFORD tights.

Ehhem, yes, there is the gold chain hand sewn  to the bottom hem of the coat.  CHANELISMS ARE RAD!  The gold buttons are brushed gold that I found at the LA Mood a couple of weeks ago.  I bought some more boucle. Oh it is so sweet. It is mostly black but a little pink thread weaved throughout.  It is crazy. I am really making my own clothes are actually wearing them!

I hang it while I drive so the seat belt strap doesn't snag the boucle.  That's just me.  The receptionist complimented me from her 16th floor outpost in the center of Phoenix and I just glowed! Wait till I finish the skirt.  Planets will align.

If I had a band it would be like the Breeders. TOTALLY.  But I would wear my tennis clothes.


jaljen said...

Beautiful workmanship and features. I think Karl Lagerfeld may have found a successor.

Devon said...

oh my goodness.... you are so talented! i can't even imagine tackling a project such as a jacket... let alone a fancy one like you made! (you crack me up.. hanging it in the car so it doesn't get snagged!! but hey, with all of that work you put into it.. i don't blame ya!)


thais said...

oh wow! how talented and stylish you are. love all the gold accents and can't wait to see the skirt. way to go :)

L1L2 said...

wow! u made that!!! congratulations... looks like a piece of work/ and those gold buttons really stand out. fabulous!

trisha too said...

Oh yes, that is an awesome piece of work!!


Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, your jacket creation is epic!!! Kudos, lady!

Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous piece of art. Bravo!
The Breeders gave me a headache, but I think I can see you in your tennis outfit and the bank robber thingie. I just laughed my ass off. You are super-fabulously talented and funny too. The funny is most important. Happy New Year!!