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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harvey Sensor

Scary thing is they fit pretty well.

Lily wanted to eat by this tall beacon outside Paradise Bakery.  We wanted to sit at the smallest table possible.  It makes for better sharing.

Once you kill a cow, you gotta make a burger...Lady Gaga.  I dare you to go to your nearest Paradise Bakery and just order all the roast beef they have.  

I had a roast beef about 3 hours ago.  I ate heaps of beef so I can unleash the terror tonight at Montecito Tennis Courts.  Last week I had a melt down on the courts due to hunger.  Doubles. Yay Hah!

The Harvey sensor went off when I spotted the American Cheese that was added to my roast beef sandwhich.  If you are Jewish and own your own deli this is a major faux pah.  Harvey would have piled my roast beef so high I couldn't have fit it in my mouth.  Yes, that is Harvey as in SAM HARVEY.

You know it!


Vix said...

Great look! Beef? It's 7.20am and I'm a vegetarian! xxx

jaljen said...

If you are not Jewish and do not own a deli then you do not know what the hell the last paragraph is all about.
Or maybe that's just me.
Steak tartare in a Buffalo Grill anywhere in France. Yum.

Devon said...

you all look stunning!! ;)

you can't eat cheese?