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Friday, November 5, 2010

Car Is Packed

This is me painting over my painting. Don't get crazy now, this is not the original!

I want a gray skirt and top in this color. Click.

Skibu helping me paint.

This is an improvement.

I am pretty stoked right now. I love when my car is totally packed the night before for my craft booth. This IS the night before.  I made a camp fire in the courtyard with wood I personally cut down and sawed up into tiny pieces.  The flames smelled like nutty, leathery, smoky *well that is original* and rich.  The wood was super solid and it burned forever.  The girls wanted smores but the marshmallows were totally stale.  Don't ever try to taost stale marshmallows over an open fire.  They taste like soft sweetish rubber pads. 

Do you know that I am almost done with my Chanel coat!? A 9 month couture personal project.  I am sewing in the chain right now.  I had to tear out the shoulder pads.  I looked like Frankenstien.  But really it looks amazin'! I will post later.  I want to wait until it is done.  Gilted or black buttons? 

Laser beams and sirens!


Vix said...

Fab creation and I'm loving the puss! I didn't know you had a cat, not only multi-talented but an animal lover to boot.
Gilt buttons, definately. xxx

heather said...

bursting at the seams joy! good to know about the marshmallows... and your lumberjack ways are impressive!

amy said...

Oh I love this <3

thegirlhassparke said...

Have a wonderful time at the markets - I hope it all goes well.

Devon said...

How'd that display work out for you? Did people believe that you sew your own bags??

Hope you had great sales!!!

pumps & luiers said...

looks great

check out the shop, finally up and running: