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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Under My Tent

1930's Robin Hood hair.

This was me lounging in between peeps coming to visit.

Cici Bianca tank. My friend Cindy White made it.  I only wore handmade items yesteday. Word.  Ok my shoes, undergarment and socks were not handmade.  They were made by aliens. NOW STOP IT!

"Oh hell, I want to buy all these bags!".  See that little love cushion sittin' in my Lincoln Town car chewin' on a maritini olive?  My Shyanna Lynne wants all your bags!   Her platinum locks were high and aquaneted *yes, I just made up a new word* into place. She had long hot pink nails with tiny dice on a chain hanging from the middle finger. She was a wheel of mysterious fortune. She didn't leave the long taupe car with the bull's horn attached to the front grill.   So I packed up all the bags and Colonel Sanders gave me a wad of Franklins.  As he folded up his turquoise nugget encrusted wallet he said, "Just keep the change darlin'!".  Major wink.

That didn't happen... I sold one bag yesterday.....There you have it.  I had a good time.  My apple butter selling friend, Hallie was rippin' on the band who played the slowest music known to man kind. Even if you gave him an upbeat song he would grease it down and yawn out the cords.  

I have hope. As my tent was blowing away with me hanging on, a repeat customer ran up to me.  She told me how much she loves my bags.  She knew the website front to back. She placed an order for a custom bag.

Anna Sui, Oh I love you. This bag is so hot! Ouch! It's burning my retinas! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I cracked open Collezioni Close-Up Bags, Women, Fall Winter 2010-11.  I am so competative it is hard for me to look at other's work.  I am like that with my architecture mags too.  Anna Sui was the best thing I saw.  Next Goodyear Marketplace I think I will set up a badminton net.


Vintage Vixen said...

One bag's better than none bags! At least you're getting out there and showing the beauties off.
Good on you for wearing all handmade. You need to branch out into undies now as you do everything else so well. xxx

heather yalin said...

And your bag's are all so amazing! And your mostly non-alien made outfit. One bag and then a custom one, that's good!!!

Marie said...

That's one unique bag!:D

I am your newest follower!:D

***** Marie *****