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Friday, October 22, 2010

New England Crafting - Part 3

The craft shows were behind us at this point and I had tacked on an extra day to explore more of Boston with Jan and Eva.  Jani took us to the South End, Little Italy of Boston.

I just threw this tavern shot from The Salem Cross Inn. I could sense that you wanted to see more.  I just pick up on these things.

Since the Inn has been restrored by the Salem family, led by Richard Salem, the pun on the name decided the title of the Inn.  Furnished throughout with American antiques, the Inn displays the nations only known operating Roasting Jack, a c. 1700 device the innkeepers use to cook beef, game and fowl at the huge hearths... this is what I read on the paper place mat while I waited for my filet mignon that was way to WELL DONE! CHARD!

The Salem Cross Inn
I swear I was just coming over here to shut my computer off and go to bed...

What! You can't see my new earrings from where you are standing.  Close up coming soon.  I think they look mo betta right next to The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum.  This was before Little Italy.  The North End is prettier.  If you are a smart blogger like me, you put the pretty stuff first.

I asked Eva what her favorite part of traipsing through The White House Corridor, The Oval Office, The Kennedy Family, The First Lady *you know who's favorite that was* and her response was, "I liked the peanut butter and jelly pocket best!".

Space frame as you enter the last leg of the Kennedy Museum.  It was abbreviated for us because we had so much more to see and do like...eating fresh cannoli's in the North End.  If you ever have a fresh one, make sure they squeeze the white cheese stuff just when you order it.  It should crumble all over the place as you eat it.  That's when you know.  You just know.

Space frame and Saints.  Good way to end. Goodnight!

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Nen said...

never had a cannoli... would probably like it!

great pics... you've made your little Eva many great memories!!