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Friday, October 15, 2010

New England Crafting - Part I

Jani drove us from Boston to Vermont. She was so kind to stop and let me jump out and snap.

27th Annual Weston Craft Show, Weston, Vermont

Weston Craft show took place in a historical playhouse in Weston, Vermont.  There were artists set up on the stage, isle, rafters, control booth, concession and balconies.  The level of craftsmanship was so very high.  I was and still am so inspired by these New England artists. 

Jan *in her red coat* knew everybody of course! It was a thrill to be with her because Eva and I met so many artists.

Rob Cartelli Ceramics
I bought a sugar bowl with a top and a mug.  What can I say, I thought my tea would make a statement in these simple but elegant pieces. I told Rob I was from Arizona and he said "I am sorry..." What is up with that?!! 

Irene Pluntky-Goedecke jeweler designer.  No, this isn't Irene, but it IS her dashing husband.
I bought a pair of earrings from Irene. They are silver with a little dash *yes, using dash twice* of gold. I seriously think I will wear them everyday for the rest of my existence.  NO! I am not showing you a photo. Do you know how late it is already?

Eva Rose Serbin in the bandstand after the Weston Craft Show. Blue Bunny Rabbit scarf.  We totally cash in on some great things when we went to Beacon Hill.  Eva found her scarf.  They have a 7 Eleven in Beacon Hill but they don't sell big bathtub sized drinks like in Phoenix. They sell SUNDRIES.  I had the best slab o' cheese.  Back to Vermont.

Jani and I plotting our next move.  Eva was shuffling in the fallen leaves.  I am so not know this.  That is why I called this Part I. 


jaljen said...

Would like to see those earrings when you have time.
I see why New England has the England bit of its name. That's what the woodland looks like at the bottom of my garden.
Perhaps Mr Goody Plunkett felt sorry for you because you (presumably) don't have similar autumnal displays in Arizona. Not that I'd know. Pittsburgh is as far West as I've ever been.

Katy~The Country Blossom said...

I stopped by last night to see how your trip was going...but there was no new post...but now there IS! :) Love the photos you took and it sounds like you are having a great time! Eva is a doll! :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Glad you're having a great trip, Eva's a beauty, just like mummy. xxx

Nen said...

no fair, telling us about the earrings and then not posting a pic!

looks like a great time... hope you aren't too cooooold!!!

Oh, My Darling said...

Looks like such a great trip!

RobCartelli said...

Hey Lara,
Yipes! I didn't mean to say that I was sorry that you were from Arizona! I had just thought you were from Boston, and I was apologizing for my mistake. Arizona is beautiful, and I'm thrilled you enjoy my work. It was great meeting you, Eva and Jani.