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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

16 Hash Marks

Hash marks are my thing these days.  No not marking days off my calendar.  I don't understand why people cross days off their calendar.  It is like their life is a prison and they are trying to get out?  No hash marks on my fabric rectangular patterns.  It makes total sense.  I was doing hash marks linear but then I had to count and recount every time I was done to make sure I had done all of them.  Now I do sets of 4 hashes then another set of 4 down below.  Seeing the sets of 4 helps me count faster to 16. Yes, I am making sixteen runners. 

Today, I cut out 96 pieces.  Oh and all my fabric from Kravet arrived today.  I totally could have shopped for a more reasonable fabric from Kravet but I spare no expense for my designs.  I really love the mossy colored linen that I am using for the trim and back of the runners. It is so rich and soft. The color is gorgeous too.  I am in a cutting groove.  My rotary blade is already dull so I have to press that much harder.  It is only going to help build my tennis arm you know!

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Nen said...

waaaay over my head... i don't know what a hash mark is!