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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Wedges, Coat and Clutch

Sometimes taking apart a wooden crate with a crow bar is a great way to get into blogging mode.  

Not quite cool enough to wear these Wolford tights and Michael Mott for Paraphernalia mod 1960's jacket that I bought at Vintage Fashion Inc. in Phoenix.  This is a never before seen shot of the mandarin orange clutch by SAM HARVEY .  I found the leather at Tandy a while back.  I am on the lookout for a sewing machine for leather.  The wedges came before the coat when I was into Hogwarts.  I had no idea I would be finding this supreme coat back then.  I love how this all works! Eventually, these random tangents that I take you on pull themselves together.

This is a recycled glass chime by Bedrock Industries that I snatched up at the Edmonds Farmer's Market last weekend.  I bought it for Lily because it reminded me of her drawings.  This chime is in the tree in the photo shoot see it?

Look what Fed Ex man dropped off yesterday! I can't wait to take a dip in my new View!  

Photographer: Eva Serbin, just before tennis class. Vintage Fashion Inc. ,mod 1960's Michael Mott for Paraphernaliacame lovely coat *yes I was sweating in 100 degree sunset heat vapors*, Wolford winter soft logic tights, L.L. Bean Signature forest green wedges and a SAM HARVEY leather clutch.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh my good god, you look fabulous. Who cares if you're gonna sweat to death. The coat, wedges and bag are just amazing, well worth the wait, you tease! xxx

Nen said...

oh my gosh... you look awesome... love the jacket, love the wedges, love the tights, love the clutch!! what are you doing in AZ? you should be in some european city, dazzling the tourists who would think you were a native! very snazzy!!

hannah zbitnew jagger said...

you look fabulous! i love the coat and the shoes and the bag..just everything really!


Micaela said...

SUPREME indeed! that is your color-- it looks amazing on you! and seriously, that pop of orange is FABULOUS! i know what's on my wish list ;)


Tink In My Closet said...

Gorgeous wedges!!

Orphin Lasz said...

You look GORGEOUS!
; A ; You've got such an elegant and classic style, I really, really like it!

I really like your blog! It's quite interesting! I like watching your artwork the most; your work with watercolors is beautiful!
Ó u Ò

~ Orphin's Domains ~

pip a la chic said...

Fab clutch there Lara!

White Lightning said...