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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

These Hearts Are Breakin' Boots

This is why you won't be catching me posting at 7:21am.  This is me loading up Lily and Eva for school this morning.  These boots are Lily's selection from last Sunday's shoe experience at Scottsdale Nordstrom's.  These crazy fashiontastic shoes are from Naturino.  It is not clear where they are made.  All I have found so far is "European shoe".  Feels and looks like Italian but these days you *China, yup I said it* never know.  They are great quality and they boast the feeling of walking on sand.

Lily wanted to keep the green i.d. chain on. She said it made the boots look more expensive?  You really should have been in Nordstrom's watching Lily trying on a toddler size gray metallic boot.  She always assumes that all of the singles that are on display are her exact size so she puts them on.  My sister in law was looking over at me like "Aren't you going to make her stop?!"  My reply was a supressed giggle that turned into me cracking up.  All the plastics with their well behaved kids were watching Lily making hopping laps around the whole department on one foot with this tiny sized metallic boot on.  Her foot didn't even make it to the base of the boot.  It was just lodged into the throat.  Well, I suggested the Naturino.  I wish they came in my size too.

Beautiful little bed head.  NO, I didn't photoshop the soggy Cocoa Krispies that are now dried onto her shorts.

Eva bought some patent leather Geox mary janes. Shoes that walk on air.  Actually, all the Serbin girls have matching black mary janes including cousin Leah.  Lily's reaction was, "Why would I ever need dress up shoes?".   About 30 seconds after Eva and Lily slid out of the back seat I heard from down the street, "Lily, I love your boots!".  I can't wait to hear her stories when she gets home today.  Eva and Lily are walking on air and sand. 


Vintage Vixen said...

Aren't they beauties? Rather like their mum.
Love the boots, they would be fabulous in adult sizes. xxx

Silvia Couture said...

those are adorable!!


Why will you call me Julia again?? lol

L1L2 said...

agree with vintage! want them in adult sizes... those boots will be breaking hearts no doubt!

pip a la chic said...

Your girls are gorgeous Lara...just like you. They are pretty cool boots.

Angels Never Lie said...

cute boots...she is luking so sweet

Wild and Precious said...

love her free spirit! your whole family is so super cute!!