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Friday, September 10, 2010

This Is How I Deal

This is the song that was playing while I was on my way from SEATAC to see Mom and Papa.  I was sitting in the farthest back seat inside of this black limo.  Why was I sitting among crystal goblets with red paper napkins tucked inside, I don't know.  I mean Mom told me last night that she had pre-paid for a shuttle to take me to Edmonds, Washington.  Let's back up shall we?

I roll my turquoise Swiss Army luggage up to the super shuttle kiosk and give them my confirmation number and they tell me to go sit on this oak slat bench until they call me.  So I wait about 15 minutes and then this driver calls out "Lara, we are ready for you!".  He leads me PAST the mini van blue shuttles all lined up and ahead in the distance is this black limo that is about a mile long.  My jaw just drops.  Ok, let's also add that I have my Babolat tennis bag slung over my shoulder.  I am thinking to myself , "This guy must think I am a tennis Pro!"  So he puts my tennis bag and luggage in the cavernous trunk and I sat in the back of the huge emty limo cab.  It was just me!  I was thinking that Mom must really be proud of me for blowing the Mayor away last Tuesday with  the concept watercolors. 

Led Zepplin and Joe Walsh just sounded right while I was gazing out the limo window *yes, I rolled the window down, why don't people do this when they are in a limo?* looking at tall fir trees against a cool gray toned sky.  Ahhhhh, the sun is hidden from view.  I love this.  I need this little vacume bubble of seclusion.  Things were really crazy last week.   I loved the activity of it all.  The harder they come the more fierce my topspin returns.

Oh and by the way, Mom said she did not specify a limo.  The universe just lined that one up!

In my perfect limo riding world I want this Ludacris song blasting with perfect woofers and tweeters and all that whatever. Just perfectly loud and obnoxious.  That's woahllla skaty!


Vix said...

Get you riding in a limo! Bet your folks thought royality had arrived. And with a Led Zep soundtrack? Damn, I'd never have let the thing. xxx

heather said...

Awesome, go you! With the perfect soundtrack, weather and bumpin it with the window rolled down!