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Friday, September 3, 2010

Glad You Can't See My Chipped Toe Nail

I left my watercoloring hermitage today.  I popped into Vintage Fashion Inc to try on this shredder mod military coat.  I just bought it like 5 hours ago. I will model when I finish my orange leather SAM HARVEY bag.  I need some Wolford tights too.  It is like David Sheflin knew I needed this coat.  I get such a rush when I go to VFI.  I feel lucky that there is a guy like David who is so connected in Phoenix.  His shop is so clean and elegant.  I would love a store like that for my bags.  Soon.  I am sure it will happen. 

 What the hell, my Ipod is playing Nick Nack Patty Wack Give Your Dog a Bone.  That is what I get for buying Jeffrey a turn table.  The most disturbing transition is going from Lily Allen to Mousercise with something about Uncle Scrooge's Money.  It is so cheesy it makes me cringe.

This is me shooting a photo from one of Sheflins books at VFI on 60's fashion.  Cathyanne was giving me the low down on who Michael Mott the designer of my bitchen militant infantry coat.  Gawd, I love it.  Mott designed the coat for a shop called Paraphernalia.  I guess in the 60's this shop was known for selling British designer labels.  I guess he worked along side Betsy Johnson too.  Did I mention how I love the chrome bulbous buttons?  It was great to get the hell out of my house.  I see a studio, warehouse, boutique for all the shit I do coming soon.

This is what I was looking at while sitting on this bench drinking a Cafe Americano.  I cropped out the Honda in front.  No it was not a Honda Cycle.  I wouldn't have cropped that out.  You ready for the great end of the week news?

Vance gave me approval for 15 runners for the Sanctuary in Paradise Valley!!!!  He wants an invoice!  He wants more runners for his CASITAS!  If I could fly, I would wear my Ipod listening to The One, Backstreet Boys or maybe The Olympic Spirit by John Williams.  I had to share this with you!  This is so amazing!  Someday we will laugh together how I started this SAM HARVEY out of my house while watching bunnies sleeping in my courtyard.  I will love the day I have my dining room back.  But for now, I do like being able to just wear cut offs.  My studio has to have natural light you hear that!  It has to be just like my dining room or it is a NO GO.

Oh, and Sherrie, I must have spent 2 extra hours today adding trench coats and SAM HARVEY bags to all my ontourage. 


Devon said...

looking forward to a photo shoot with that awesome coat!

congrats on the runners! WOOT!

Vix said...

Loving the look of that coat, when can I see it? I wanna look now.
How awesome is that red military beast? I've got a Victorian dress jacket sitting on my mannequin, sadly too big for me. More pizza required, I reckon.
Chipped toe nails? Immpeccible you? Don't believe a word. xxx

heather said...

Yay! Congratulations! You are so going to make it big, and I love reading about your journey! :)

OMG, and my word verification is mule amor. I'm not sure how or where that fits in...

Make Do Style said...

Well what a lovely feat of bags you have - my two faves are gold digger and the blue metallic clutch. Do you ship to the UK?

Yes do post pic of the coat