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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Black with an Orange Zipper

We are back from our Christmas in Washington with Nana and Papa.  Erik my brother was there too which made it crazy fun.  There were many BEST parts.

1. Walking 4 miles in the rainy mist with Jeffrey.
2. Me playing drums and Erik playing base at EMP.
3. Swedish Pancakes at Oak Table twice!
4. Mom's house smelling like meat all day...
5. Watching Oceans and falling asleep.
6. Learing how to knit *you know I couldn't NOT have a project!*
7.  Drinking coffee all day.
8. Wearing rain boots.
9. Being cold.
10.  Playing tennis in a bubble dome.

Tonight I FINALLY *LET'S EMPHASIS FINALLY* started my new zipper bag prototype.  I am making the first one for Ron.  He can use it for toiletries. He likes to travel.  I am going black with gray and then an orange zipper.  I hope he is at the New Year's Party tomorrow.  It is the only way I will get this damn thing done is to give myself a deadline.  Notice how this cheesy ass pink sweater from Costco is now my "designing a new bag" uniform.   It should be easy right? RIGHT?!  I said I would make a chocolate sponge cake from Julia Child too for New Years. 
Eva making a Birthday card for Uncle Ron.

Not anybody has a "make your own bubble gum kit" next to their cereal. 

Oh Lil.


nadiah said...

hye n happy new year 2011 Lara..

Devon said...

can't wait to see the finished product!!


pumps & luiers said...

happy 2011 dear

Henar said...

Happy new year, I loved this (the last pic LOL)

thais said...

it sounds like your holidays were filled with joy and fun! wishing you a wonderful new year ;)

Anonymous said...

Swedish pancakes and your bro...nice holiday! I want to know how to make my own bubble gum. Only you. Happy Happy New Year to you and your family. I would definitely get along with Lily. LOL!