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Friday, October 23, 2009

Make the Best of It!

I jumped out of bed and took my 3 signature Mii amo Enchantment bags up the mountain preserve to take photos this morning. Lucky for me, it is just outside my front door and also the sun is rising later and later. At first it is a kicking a screaming affair because I would rather stay in bed but once I am alone in the desert at day break - something magical always happens.  I have some favorite places to shoot but one of my favorites is a decaying saguaro in the bottom of an arroyo.  Just about 5' of it is still standing, dried chunks of charcoal skin wrap the sandy white ribs of the trunk that splay out of the top.  I couldn't ask for a better back drop for my bags. I arrange the bags so that they are hanging, I stuff them with tissue so they look their best and I start shooting. I feel like some coyote is hidden in it's den watching me.

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