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Monday, October 26, 2009

Just Step Out and Say 'Hi'.

Biggest inspiration for me today is Viviennne Westwood. First of all she is written up in New York Times magazine Winter Fashion which I love to read. Second, I love her punk spirit.  Third, I love the fact that she is a free bird and has been doing her own thing since the 70's and never sold out to a big coutour house like Dior.  I also love the sex pistols, God Save the Queen, plaid, safety pins and whole punk scene that Vivienne was steeped in the 80's.  I was never safety pinned when I was in the era but I guess I always admired the look.

My other inspiration for today is Leatrice Eiseman, my teacher and Director of The Pantone Institue.  She e-mailed me a few pages from Fortune Magazine. Inside Leatrice is looking radiant in the article on page 34 "The Color Committee Gets to Work". In the article it tells about how color trends work and how a color can become "Color of the Year". I am guessing the color of the year might be a reddish purple.  Eiseman hinted about the color being about fantasy and escapism.  I certainly don't want to escape right now. I want to jump into the steep snow bank and ski like a bitch gone wild.


jeff said...

black diamond

Sam Harvey said...

what is black diamond all about?

jeff said...

Snowing and ski
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